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Maintenance Software that allows you to control your maintenance costs while maximizing your equipment life


DIMO Maint is a company with over 20 years of experience and 2,200 clients in more than 65 countries and provides the best maintenance management solution to the hospitality and healthcare industries.

Westin, Four Seasons, Club Med, Le Meridien, St Regis, Four Points, Sheraton, Hyatt are among the references.

The primary objective of this solution is to manage the maintenance of your assets to keep them in working order and avoid early or unnecessary repair/replacement.

With DIMO Maint you will control your maintenance costs while maximizing your equipment life.

We help you to improve your equipment’s availability and reliability by

  • Recording your equipment inventory by buildings, floors, rooms…(using barcode ) in a Single Repository with a complete history  (WR, WO, PM… with all costs);

  • Planning automatically your Preventive Maintenance ahead of time and scheduling PM tasks based on equipment or facility meter readings;

  • Managing the Service/Work Request process, tracking parts and labour costs and reporting job time, downtime and response time;

  • Monitoring the maintenance activities with interactive dashboards

  • Optimizing the purchases (spare parts);

  • Controlling the activity of your subcontractors and suppliers (cost and performance) with comprehensive KPIs;

  • Analysing all maintenance costs and managing your budget.






Our solution helps you to:

  • Save anywhere from 10 to 30% of your annual maintenance costs

  • Cut down your administrative time (mobile, automation tasks, paperless,…)

  • Extend your equipment lifetime (by 20%)

  • Decrease the technical failures and reduce equipment downtime

  • Reduce your energy consumption

  • Monitor cost and budget per asset (10% to 45% reduction in inventories)

  • Comply with maintenance and safety regulations

  • Minimize safety incidents

  • Better allocate your technical staff and mitigate the loss of know-how of retiring or leaving technical workers


We offer all functions in one single and easy to use system:


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